My carnival with Fatboy Slim

It’s time to light up things here! You all know that Carnival is a huge celebration party in Brazil, and I started partying in Carnival when I was 13 years old. Yep, long time ago. This is one of many stories I have…

The year was 2007, February month. Three months before I moved to the USA, my last carnival in Brazil. I spent carnival at the beach with a good friend, Faby. We had tickets to go see Fatboy Slim that Saturday night. We also invited another friend, Fernanda, to join us. It was pouring rain!

Fatboy Slim’s concert was in this ginormous open area. At night, we’re all ready to go, no matter the rain. I wore a cute top, shorts and wedges. Once we got there around midnight, the fun really begun! Since it was carnival, there were people from all over the country, making it a very interesting crowd. We met a lot of new people while we waited for the man himself. Before him, other very good DJs played. The rain just contributed for the whole experience, to the vibe of that night. It was the cherry on top! The only downside? The floor was all muddy.

This pic was taken during Fatboy Slim’s show, all soaked up

I’m a huge fan of electronic music, almost all genres, so to have had the chance to see Fatboy Slim in Brazil was one the best things I’ve ever done. Around 2:30am he came on stage. My friends and I danced, talked, laughed a lot, came up with nicknames of the people we met because they were all from different cities. Those nicknames were given after touristic places from the cities people were from. It is a night I won’t forget ever, especially because of the ending… Fatboy finished playing close to 5am, so we made our way out. By that time, we were all hungry and our feet dirty. Crossing the street, was the beach and we went there to ‘wash’ our feet. After that, we found a street hot dog, like many other cities have it, including Hollywood.

The funny part comes now. When we got home at 7am I took off my shoes, I realized I had lost both soles! I have no idea in which moment that occurred, but my wedges had no soles at all! Plus, those hot dogs didn’t sit well on our stomachs. We fell asleep around 10am only to wake up at 2pm under heavy rain. Since the weather didn’t help, Faby and I stayed in bed all day long remembering the night before and laughing so hard to the point that I cried! We also had to make runs to the bathroom because of those hot dogs.

Finally at night, the rain ceased and we were able to go out for pizza with friends. That was my carnival, one I won’t forget because of my friends, the concert, the people we met. All these experiences make it for one of a kind year.



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Citizen of the world but made in BRAZIL. Journalist 24/7! Music & movies addict! Food lover! Founder & Owner of Beets & Beats.
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