The Sleep In

Time for a new story that happened in my life and I wanted this to be a fun one to cheer you up for the weekend, or end this one in great spirits.

Once upon a time on an October day in 2008 in Santa Barbara, CA…

At that time I was working at the Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Montecito. It was a chilly but sunny very early morning. I woke up at my usual time 6:30am to get ready to work, eat breakfast, etc. By 7:15am I was ready to leave and go to work.

As the usual, a few colleagues and I always took the bus to work, and that morning wasn’t any exception. We got on and I turned my iPod on, falling asleep on the way, which generally took about 20 minutes. Big mistake!

For some reason, that day I failed to wake up at the correct bus stop. And none of my colleagues woke me up either. They left me sleeping on the bus! Another 15 minutes passed by when I finally woke up, feeling completely lost in Downtown Santa Barbara. The two girls sitting next to me proceed to laugh when they realized what had happened.

At the hotel, we always had a meeting around 8am prior the beginning of our shift to know what was going on and my bosses wondered what was going on with me that morning. I called them as soon as I got my head straight and told I’d be there as soon as possible. When I got there I said I was sorry but they all laughed! They couldn’t be mad at me due to the facts. I laughed too so much that I cried. Every time I told that story to someone, I laughed, and I still do just remembering.

I became the joke of the day! Half of the hotel staff learned that I had overslept but couldn’t care less. Bottom line is this things only happen to me, so let’s laugh and have a good time!


Four Seasons Hotel & Resort in Montecito, CA

About Mary Knabben

Citizen of the world but made in BRAZIL. Journalist 24/7! Music & movies addict! Food lover! Founder & Owner of Beets & Beats.
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