Happy Birthday Beets & Beats!

Captura de Tela 2013-07-19 às 7.53.42 AM

Exactly one year ago I launched my very own website ‘Beets & Beats’, in which I pair recipes with great music. I couldn’t be more proud of it because I put together two things that I am passionate about it: cooking and music.

During this year, I made delicious recipes, friends sent me theirs, I connected with inspiring people and let the music flow through it all. This is, without a doubt, my best reward.

‘Beets & Beats’ is very special to me, something that I really enjoying making because when you make something with love, everyone can see and feel it. That energy always come back to me, which makes me a very happy person and drives me to keep on doing more.

 happybbb2 cópiafabb3

Happy Birthday, Beets & Beats for this amazing first year! Here’s to many more years to come!



PS: You will find the recipe for this delicious and healthy carrot cake on the site!


About Mary Knabben

Citizen of the world but made in BRAZIL. Journalist 24/7! Music & movies addict! Food lover! Founder & Owner of Beets & Beats.
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